Acoustic services for APM Tool users.

APM Tool allows rapid acoustic surveys to estimate the room acoustic conditions. The full version will propose you in one minute what acoustic counter-ceilings will improve the room acoustics; the iOS version will shortly have a powerful upgrade.
We must remind you again that this application will never substitute a professional measurement, neither a professional project.

Suonoevita is an acoustic engineering firm that can help you give true value to your project and any of your necessities.
Contact us when the room’s aesthetics and requirements set practical restrictions, when the internal acoustic quality is important for music, for a quality of silence, for speech intelligibility, for noise control.

In all these cases the application will not satisfy you, it will confirm problems at mid frequencies and face them at the lowest cost!
Please contact our experts, we help APM Tool users solve acoustic issues with different kinds of services both in Italy and abroad: from advanced measurements on site to distance consultancy.