APM Tool full use your smart phone to control your room acoustics

APM Tool full is a smartphone application that lets you evaluate room acoustics and select the best material for your ceiling
Now it is ready and working for Android (ugraded january 2016) and for iPhone (upgraded june 2016).

APM Tool measurement
How it works
See the video tutorial for iOS or for Android. Read the attached pdf file for more informations.

Just install it on your phone, pop a baloon and wait a green light, if it doesn't work change the clipping sensibility and agc settings in the application options, repeat popping 3, 4, 12 times and see the results.
You can insert the room geometry and its use and the application will tell you if the reverberation you measured is good enough or if you need an absorption treatment, then it can tell you what material use on the ceiling to get near the requirements.
If the room is bigger than 50 m3 we suggest using baloon pops, a clapper or a blank gunshot, you could use handclaps in smaller rooms: of course you'll get less and less quality in your results, expecially in the low and mid frequencies.

If you just want to test it, try the free version: APM Tool Lite for Android, APM Tool lite for iPhone.

APM Tool Full version allows you to rapidly estimate the main Room Acoustic Parameters (T20, T50, EDT, C50, C80, D50, D80) with any Android or iPhone device. It gives results in octave and third octave bands and it has a simple wizard to ameliorate room acoustics by selecting the best materials to be used on the ceiling. This is automatically selected depending on the room volume and the room use (a restaurant has different targets than a recording room or a room for music!).

The software has been developed starting from a collaboration between Suonoevita and a Politecnico di Milano Master Degree (Thesis work): it follows ISO 3382 and IEC 61672 specifications and has automatic gain control as well as clip-detection algorithms that makes it unique.
You can use balloon pops and the results will give an estimate starting from 250/500 Hz depending on the device and the background noise, use handclaps if you must be quick, but remember that the measurement quality will be degraded.

This instrument will be very useful in all the rooms that do not need a real acoustical quality and when the budget is minimum, it cetainly cannot substitute an acoustician work and an acoustic project!
When acoustical quality is important you need an acoustician: he'll carry out professional and precise measurements, simulations, calculations and design a room correction project. Contact us if you need good room acoustics quality.

We believe this instrument should be in every architect and interior designer phone because it is time this professionals build up a sensibility to the room acoustics matter.

With respect to the free version, which is called APM Tool Lite, this full version offers:

- 1-octave and 1/3-octave filtering
- average on as many impulses as you need
- average on different positions of the device
- control on the device electronics and dsp
- more acoustical parameters (EDT, C50, C80, D80)
- the unique wizard interface (to ameliorate room acoustics by selecting a new material for the room ceiling, based on the measure)
- select the best target reverberation depending on the room use
- possibility to send via email the exported results (on icloud if you have an iphone)
- different translations
- no commercial banners

the new release supports:

- select imperial geometric measures
- new materials, including sound absorbing insulae
- new room uses (applying the very useful recent norm UNI 11532 for target Reverberation Times)

iOS 2016 version:

- decide the right amount of acoustic tiles you need on walls and ceiling;
- take a picture of the room and send yourself a pdf report

APM Tool presentation ENG MARCH 2015.pdf1.49 MB
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