Living in Italy: solving your “noise issue"

In Italy numerous people are subjected to continuous disturbance caused by noisy neighbors or public places (bars, restaurants, pubs…) that do not respect the legal limits.

Our references

Below are listed some references of Acoustic Engineering Studio SuonoeVita directed by Eng. Lorenzo Rizzi.

Companies and Enterprises

What is sound?

Sound can be defined as an undulatory perturbation of any type of elastic matter (gas, solid or liquid). This means that sound does not exist in the vacuum.

Is it good to cover completely a room with sound absorbing materials?

No, most people believe that just by using traditional sound absorbing materials (typically the polyurethane or melamine sponges, but also the classic and most economic egg crates) the room will sound

What background noise sound level should I have in my studio?

The lower the better!

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