Our services

Our services

Suonoevita is an Italian Acoustic engineering firm. All technical services have been developed to studying and solving customer problems and providing the right solution. When investing on our services, customers are assured that they will obtain the best result for their budget.
Acoustic design and consulting services concern both large and small situations: from companies to professionals, which need a specific and specialized support, from private citizen to musicians, audiophiles and sound engineers, from broadcast stations to building, commercial or industrial activities with noise problems inside their factories or in their neighborhood, and many others.

What we offer

We provide on site visits and specific consultancies, with ISO certified acoustic measurements when required.
Acoustic designs and plans are carried out, related to spaces dedicated to music (auditoria, recording and mixing rooms, listening rooms, rehearsal rooms…) and to the application of noise pollution laws (in Italy, law n.447/95 that implies sound level measurements, reports about noise climate, noise control issues, sound insulation, on-site surveys and tests, etc..).
We also work on special and peculiar situations, not covered by national laws that are still limited and incomplete especially for what concerns environmental and architectural acoustics.
Our staff is composed by several experts with deep knowledge in environmental acoustic but also by experts in unconventional acoustics. We speak fluent English, Spanish and French. We work in Italy and abroad, check our references and publications list: we work independently and as on-site partners of foreigners firms and companies.

A list of our services:

- acoustic design of private homes, commercial and industrial spaces, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, sound labs.
- Reclamation studies in case of little or no soundproofing; accurate treatment of environments with bad acoustic performances.
- tests, surveys and sound level measurements of environmental and architectural acoustics, according to ISO, EN, BS, ASTM, AES and many others.
- technical advice in civil lawsuit and in preliminary or extra-judicial disputes.
- sound level measurements and reports for the assessment of daily exposure of workers to noise.
- measures and certifications on the noise of machines and sound insulation.
- study and verification of the acoustic requirements of sound sources in public entertainment places.
- organization, coordination and supervision of installation works of soundproofing systems and materials, with workers selected by us or chosen by the customer.
- feasibility studies and cost estimates for soundproofing works, acoustic corrections and other services.
- research and development of innovative products, assistance in laboratory certification of acoustic properties of materials.
- courses and seminars for technical experts and/or to improve the know-how of workers and companies, and to improve the acoustic skills of sound engineers and musicians.
- preparation of technical information material for the soundproofing or absorption properties of products.
- study of acoustic sweet spots of rooms with required acoustic performances (control rooms, listening rooms, project studios, demo rooms, speaker rooms) in order to improve listening conditions and acoustic quality of the area involved. All our analyses are performed with ad hoc algorithms developed during years of experience by the Suono e Vita staff.

Our professional background

Our specialization in sound and acoustics comes from specialized University studies in Italy and England, and from years of experience as consultants, designers and researchers in architecture and music for industry, building companies, broadcast radio studios in Italy and abroad.
Our cultural background stems from a strong interest in music, many elements of the staff are musicians, and in applied acoustics in general. The special interest that we have in rooms dedicated to music, which are very peculiar types of environments, with very high technical standards, allows us to face in a very accurate and more effective way the other issues related to sound in buildings and in the environment in general.

A network of business companies and professionals.

Do not hesitate to refer your needs to us. We can advise you on business companies and professionals taken from our selected network throughout Italy. We can help you to unlock any acoustic problem!
In large projects, we can help as members of a team composed by engineers and designers, in order to support those chosen by the client or by offering our usual trusted collaborators, in order to have an efficient team, respecting the modern concept that each member of the team works in his specialized field, but all work together as a team.
Acoustics is an interdisciplinary subject: In the creation process of high quality buildings our work is to support architects, systems and structure designers, purchasing department, plant engineers and construction companies.

Contact us: we are your best choice if you need a sound partner in Italy or good Italian engineers in your country.