Technical services in acoustics for architects and interior designers

Good acoustics means silence and tranquility, it means good undestanding of speech, it means best appreciation of music. Good acoustics is comfort at the work place, in our home, in the environment.
Suonoevita is an Italian Acoustical engineering firm that helps architects and interior designers solve technical problems in acoustics, both on sound insulation and on acoustic correction of interiors. We work in Italy and worldwide, both on-site and with specific online consultancies, here you can appreciate a list of our references.

Here a list of our services:

- Noise control projects;
- SPL sound insulation and acoustic on-site testings;
- Sound insulation project for new buildings and renovation of existing ones;
- Acoustic optimization for maximum comfort in luxury projects;
- Acoustic design optimization for private cinemas, home cinemas, listenign rooms;

Studio 3D isolamento acustico edificio

- Acoustic simulations for noise assessment and reduction;
- Architectural acoustics optimization for theatres, auditoria, radio and television studios, music studios;
- Tender analysis and project refinement;
- Technical counseling in litigations on Italian and Swiss laws, on technical standards.

Studio impatto acustico strada

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