Suonoevita represents Lorenzo Rizzi’s Acoustic consulting and engineering studio, which is located in Lecco, Italy, on Lake Como. The site divulgates technical and scientific knowledge and promotes a number of applied acoustics related services.

Team members’ bios.

Lorenzo Rizzi, graduates from Politecnico di Milano with a 5 year Telcommunication engineering in 2000, afterwards, in 2002, he obtains a Master of Science in Audio and Acoustics from the University of Salford (UK). He began the acoustic consultancy and designing activity, working for numerous private and commercial businesses, he keeps on divulgating theoretical and practical Acoustics on the web and on numerous Italian and International magazines. He collaborated with LAE in Parma for three years researching on sound diffusion and working on numerous projects. He continues his activities of acoustic engineer in room acoustics, environmental noise control and architectural acoustics. His hobbies are playing rock guitar, travelling and trekking. Contact him for questions.

Francesco Nastasi graduated from conservatorio di Milano in flute and later graduated in Telecommunication Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He represents Suonoevita in Liguria and Piemonte regions following noise control and acoustical permits for businesses. He plays flute, piffero and xirula in numerous folk groups.

Emauele Mesiano graduated in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano, he carries on the architectonic drawings of the projects, working also on architectural acoustics and construction details.

Gabriele Ghelfigraduated in Computer Science for Music from Politecnico di Milano. Collaborates on DSP algorithms development and room acoustic analysis. Plays electric guitar and enjoys sound engineering in his spare time.

Luca Lenardi is a musician, an computer scientist and a sound engineer, he is the technical mind behind suonoevita. He works in Atra, an advanced r&d company. He promotes open source software, research and modern musical styles through Atrasoftware, Atracoutsic and the Circlesouth musical group.

Federico Rizzi graduated in Communication Science from IULM in Milano, he is a marketing and public relations expert. He is a search engine speciaist. He plays electric bass in a local band.


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Past works and our white papers

Here you can read a list of some of our clients and numerous links to the white papers we published (most of them are in English).